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KebnekajseKEBNEKAJSE: Idioten (Subliminal Sounds 201) CD 99:-
(Subliminal Sounds 2011) LP 180:-
Pre-order now and recive it on the release date February 25, 2011. The LP is a limited edition 500 copies. Idioten (The Fool) - Kebnekajse unleash a new album in February 2011. Kebnekajse takes folk rock to new heights. Forty years after their debut, the Swedish 70's folk rock pioneers have gathered no moss. Two years after their acclaimed comeback, and proven by countless tours they now present what is perhaps their strongest recordings ever – “Idioten” (The Fool). On the new album Kebnekajse widens views and lets the folk music tone find new forms, free from any tightly held reins. "We wanted to give the folk music new feet. From the vast cannon of ancient Swedish folk songs we wanted to highlight songs that stand out, rare songs that leave room for improvisation and debauchery in the spirit of the psychedelic '70s. With these resolutions the band got into the studio (the same one used for the recording of the latest Dungen album btw) for three sessions of four days each, from May to September. The result was ten new tracks. It’s unlimited music where intricate melodies and distinctive rhythms takes unexpected turns. Electrical. Eclectic. While unified in a dynamic drive. Kebnekajse has deepened the interplay in the last years of touring. In the initial track Barfota (Barefoot) the electric guitar and violin spins melodic sound weaves over pulsating drums, percussion and double basses. Heavy and soft at the same time. Fäbodpslam (Mountain Shack Psalm) breathes beautifully melancholy before the great polska From-Olle (Pious-Olle)whips up a furious pace. Hans & Greta is tight like a music box in the melody interplay while Senpolska (Late Polska)  from Hälsingland becomes a drawn-out distorted drone piece ("like a grunt from the deepest of halls of the mountain king"). The musicians also breaks up with jam trips and let’s loose the love of their musical roots. The title track Idioten (The Fool) ("polska not sly on a spot") madly mixes a Hälsingland polska with hard progressive rock. Stockholm Polka get a snorting country feel and the collective Senegal Beat becomes dreamlike Afro-funk psych with a Alpine feel. The closing Norwegian “walking tune” Sangenuten (The Song Without) is connected with a long tail of psychedelia.  With Idioten (The Fool) Kebnekajse lifts Swedish folk rock to new heights. And new psychedelic overtones. A short biography for new listeners: During the 1970s Kebnekajse was known as Sweden's highest band. Pioneering and leading among the Swedish instrumental psych/progressive groups. They electrified the folk music and shrugged off the knee-tassel. Instead the hippie-hair flew high on numerous music festivals. They made six albums from their inception from 1971 to 1978, after which they split up. Kebnekajse reunited during  the summer of 2001 and in the early spring 2009 they released their critically acclaimed comeback album "Kebnekajse" with pure Swedish folk songs. After this the band has toured widely, and thus in 2011 Sweden’s hardest folk musicians widens the sound with psychedelic folk rock on their new album Idioten (The Fool). Pre-order now to receive it on the release date February 25, 2011.

dungen skit i alltDUNGEN: Skit I Allt Instrumental Mixes 5 x 7” Box Set (SUB-078-S-BOX) NEW 510:-
Deluxe 5x /” single box set with instrumental versions of all the tracks from the new Skit I Allt album. Some mixes are also in mono. Strictly limited edition of 500 copies worldwide only. Also contains a small poster/inlay card.




dungen skit i alltDUNGEN: Skit I allt (Subliminal Sounds SUB-076-LP 2010) NEW 170:-
DUNGEN: Skit I allt (Subliminal Sounds SUB-077-CD 2010) NEW 99:-
Pre-order now and we will ship it on the release day end of August, 2010. The vinyl release  is a imited edition 1200 copies coloured deluxe vinyl LP. The CD is a 6-panel digipack with sticker.
Sweden's Dungen sweetly return with a collection of gorgeous, dreamlike melodies, psychedelic stonkers and graceful, jazz-filled polyrhythms. called 
Skit I Allt.  Says main man/ producer/ arranger/ singer Gustav Ejstes: “For me, it means, Don’t give a shit, forget about it, just go ahead and do it. A friend said: “Skit I Allt; Fuck it, do as you want, time is passing and it’s changing, forget fears and hang-ups, we are small and everything is pretty insignificant on the whole. How will it be? What shall we do?  We often worry so much unnecessarily. Skit i allt, it’s happening now”. In what feels like a very short decade, Sweden’s Dungen has mutated at a furious pace. Main man/ producer/ arranger/ singer/ golden child Gustav Ejstes’s lone constant has been change. At ease with effervescent pop, third-eye popping psychedelia, heavy rock, spider-web folk and breezy jazz, Dungen’s dynamism astounds throughout Skit I Allt . Rather than remain only Ejstes’ studio vision, Dungen is a muscular full band now. Guitarist Reine Fiske, bassist Mattias Gustavsson, and drummer Johan Holmegard are fully integrated into Ejstes’ vision of Dungen: “Whether you perceive Dungen as a band or as me and my songs and my productions, the band is something totally free."  I feel [the presence of the band] more than ever, because even if I am a total control freak they all contribute something unique make the songs come alive.” Dungen debuted in 2001 with an eponymous album of long psilocybic tracks and aural tomfoolery. The next year’s Stadsvandringar found Ejstes coming to grips with the language of rock before the zeitgeist-grabbing third album, Ta Det Lugt ignited the blogosphere so that it glowed like the aurora borealis. Not content to revel in such accolades, Tio Bitar flashed the band’s pop smarts as well as their incandescent freakouts while 4 put the band’s cohesiveness on display, at once gorgeous and biting. This latest album is the one that takes in everything they’ve done, and learned, and brings them to a whole.

acid archives 2nd editionACID ARCHIVES – The Second Edition (Lysergia SW 2010) NEW 330:-
Pre-order now and we will ship it on the release day end of August, 2010. Bigger, better and more colourful! After the huge success of the first edition from 2006, the Acid Archives book has been long out of print. Used copies have sold as high as $200, and there are many inquiries about new runs from around the world. Instead of just a new printing, here is a brand new Edition – completely revised, massively expanded, and attractively re-designed. The Acid Archives Second Edition will delight any lover of rare and great underground music from the 1960s-70s. All the elements that made the first edition such a hit are here. The A-Z section has been expanded with 90 new pages, detailing many hundreds of previously unknown LPs. Just as exciting is a brand new section of Special Features, where leading experts present the best and rarest albums within Exotica, Lounge, ‘70s Funk & Soul, Southern Rock, New Age, Custom Labels and Tax Scam Records. In answer to requests from fans of the first book, the Acid Archives has been fully re-designed and is now printed entirely in colour. The 400 pages in the Second Edition (100 pages more than the old version) are loaded with colour images of obscure and trippy album sleeves, posters and band photos, many of which have never been published before. The largest selection ever presented of underground albums from North America 1965-1982. Original release data and in-depth commentary from world-leading rare record experts. Ratings of LP market value, detailed reissue data, and full colour images of rare and trippy albums sleeves. Special feature essays about rare Exotica, Lounge, ‘70s Funk & Soul, Southern Rock and New Age albums, written by leading field collectors. A brand new round of informative and hilarious Top 10 Lists that were a popular part in the first book. 400 pages printed in full colour throughout.

parson soundPÄRSON SOUND: 3 LP BOX SET (Subliminal Sounds SW) NEW 440:-
Pre-order now. Finally out on vinyl May 28! Deluxe triple LP box set. Limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide. Revised liner notes. A spectacular archival package of primitive drone and minimalist rock/trance/psych from the Swedish underground, one of the most memorable audio documents ever. The nucleus of the Swedish 1960's-70s underground psych rock scene: the legendary Pärson Sound. This deluxe 3-LP box set presents the most remarkable Swedish underground band, known in a later incarnation and continuation as International Harvester and Träd, Gräs och Stenar (Trees, Grass and Stones), and features both intricate studio recordings and orgiastic live performances. Pärson Sound never released any records in their time and that is why a very few have heard about them at all. The recordings date from 1967/68 while the band explored unknown musical territory as well as inner- and outer space. In 1968 they were invited by Andy Warhol to play at the opening of his exhibition: 'Screens, Films, Boxes, Clouds and a Book', at the museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and also opened for the Doors. Influenced by the musical concepts of Terry Riley, Pärson Sound worked at discovering and perfecting their own unique approach towards the mixing of rock and minimalism. They created some of the most remarkable psych- trance-drone-pre-noise music-rock sounds ever recorded. Pärson Sound's music described contexts, interplay and organic growth and shaped a conception of the world -- an opposite of fragmentation, individual achievements and intellectual construction. This world was to be perceived as one body, a whole of inviolable parts. The minimalist repetition with slight changes gives associations of a slow growth, of cyclic process, of breathing, pulse, life, movement and machines. The persistent repetition gives the listener an opportunity to discover the sounds, to meditate, to go into the music, join the same journey. Many times one can discover a relationship with music of other cultures. In comparison the music of the Western world can feel cursory, unreliable -- as a fear of entering deep into feeling. Pärson Sound's compositions often consist of harsh structures -- a rhythm pattern with ostinato bass, a melodic figure -- which forms a base for improvisation. Other songs have a more thoroughly elaborated structure that still leaves room for variation. The moment, the audience, the location formed their music. Their key phrase was 'We, Here and Now!' With time, the music came to have an increasing 'religious' or shamanistic streak -- with a raised demand of intensity, presence and warmth -- a striving for euphoria and ecstasy. The bands psychedelic approach towards music is so fresh and vital that it transcends time. Listen to it now! A 3xLP with an informative and revised liner notes in English and lots of photos. 

thai beat 3V/A: THAI BEAT A GO-GO VOL 3 (Subliminal Sounds SW) NEW 200:-
Pre-order now. Finally on vinyl May 28 the legendary Thai Beat compilation including 5 (!)  awesome extra tracks that were not on the CD ! Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. The amazing Thai Beat A Go Go vol 3 , which concentrates on Shadow music string bands, cosmic surf instros, mad garage/beat, mystic go-go organs, wild guitar rave-ups and psychedelic mind-benders, exotic female singers, wild moog funk, disco madness, funky and soulful with extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! These recordings have a sound that's completely inexplicable despite the use of standard rock instrumentation and song structures combining a fascinating and primal version of rock n roll, surf, r 'n' b- sometimes all in one song. Don’t miss this ultimate wild rockin’ Thai 60s compilation. Limited edition of 1,000 copies worldwide.  Housed in beautiful full color gatefold sleeve.

The AmazingThe Amazing: Wait for A Light to Come (Subkiminal Sounds) CD NEW 100:-
The Amazing: Wait for A Light to Come (Subkiminal Sounds) LP NEW 160:-
The vinyl is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Brand new recordings of Swedish Folk-Rock-Psych-Pop perfection. The Amazing fell far from the tree. A natural process: coming together through affection, then slowly crystallising into a folk-rock-psych-pop- collective slowly pushing, bending then playing with any preconceived notions of pop. Friends first and foremost, it’s this kindred spirit that imbues the band’s debut with a feeling unlike that of most releases – one of natural harmony, persistent progression and with a panoramic gaze fixed on distant settings. Their 2009 debut album has received unanimous critical acclaim worldwide. Some excerpts:
the cream of Sweden's psychedelic/neo-folk underground…an album of rare beauty" MOJO 4/5
'Swedish underground supergroup’s debut suggests the dusty riches of some
long-lost LP locked away in psychedelic folk-rock Valhalla.' SPIN

"a sublime debut... genuinely an amazing album" UNCUT 4/5
"The Amazing's first is a gorgeously understated blend of gentle psychedelic pop, tranquil folk rock, and gently stoned prog" Q 4/5
"a classic case of strength in diversity, blurring the boundaries between folk-rock dreaminess and psych splendour" WORD
This is their follow up a new mini-album with an all-encompassing sonic soundscape of groovy electric folk rock, psychedelic pop and heavy jams. The core musicians in The Amazing are Christoffer Gunrup, Reine Fiske, who doubles as the lead guitar wizard in Dungen and
who’s solos so furiously it’s as if something’s trapped inside him that must be turned into melody or he’ll burst into flames, Johan Holmegard (who doubles as the drummer in Dungen too) and Fredrik Swahn. The intimacy permeating through the collection intensifies itself steadily in the music they produce; swimming idly through the groups twisted melody, yet luminously anchored by Reine’s astral guitar. Elsewhere they forgo interstellar for a more bucolic revelry, built upon acoustic laments and a male and female vocal ripple that could only have spread itself outwards from Sweden’s forlorn beauty. With special guests including some of Sweden’s finest musicians; Gustav Ejstes (Dungen)  and Moussa Fadera (Life on Earth!) amongst others, nothing on ‘Wait for a light to come’ is introverted or overworked – everything is balanced, kept together by natural melodies, soulful vocals and just how perfect should be. ‘The Amazing’ is a feeling, an organic consequence of something that effortlessly came together, the start of a quite extraordinary tale.

Lisa o PiuLISA o PIU
: Behind the Bend (Subliminal Sounds SUB-072-CD 2010) CD NEW 100:-
LISA o PIU: Behind the Bend (Subliminal Sounds SUB-071-LP 2010) LP NEW 160:-
Brand new recordings from this bewitching Swedish folk siren and her band. This is the follow up to last years critically acclaimed debut album “When this was the future”. To get inspiration for the creation of the new album “Behind the Bend” Lisa spent time in a small cottage located deep in the vast woods of Vastmanland, Sweden, where she enjoyed the last breath of the summer. Every evening she and David walked further in to the woods to an old rowing boat that lay on the edge of a forest lake. In the light of the magically ever glowing Swedish summer midnight sun they paddled across the lake and then further along a forest creek with lush green trees that hangs down over the fresh running water and water lilies. This is the kind of set and setting where you travel into another world….and they did. The initial recordings were made under a vaulted blue ceiling with gold stars in the old 15th century timber church of Hjulsjo, Sweden. The new album is filled with delicious and bewitching watery woodland folk hymnals, eloquent yet eerie. The harp has been given more space, the violin plays a greater role, the twelve-stringed guitar plays graceful melodies and all is led by Lisa's gossamer vocals, as delicate as a wavering candle flame. Come along for the ride.
The LP is a limited edition of 500 copies and the CD limited 1200 copies worldwide.

life on earth!LIFE ON EARTH! /(LIV PA JORDEN!)!
: Blomkraftens Frukt (Subliminal Sounds 2010) NEW 85: -Deluxe limited edition 499 copies only worldwide. LIFE ON EARTH! BECOME PROVINCIAL! By public demand Life on Earth! releases the live favorite Blomkraftens Frukt (Flower Powers Fruit) as a single on February 13, 2010! 2009 was an eventful year for Life on Earth! with the release of A Space Water Loop and two trips to the U.S. and fine gigs in cities like Portland, New York and Brooklyn, and odd places like the cowboy/artist town of Marfa, Texas and under the red wood-trees at the classic Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. But the stone rolls on, and now we will release a single to chart new directions, for a while, we become Liv pa Jorden!  On February 13 we release the hedonistic crowd pleaser Blomkraftens Frukt. Digitally, of course, but also as an exclusive vinyl singles in only 499 copies. And since we go from English to our beloved mother tongue; Swedish with this release, we also see it fit to engrave the social realistic self-employed anthem Knegareliv on the flip. But that’s not all! As an extra bonus, we are also add the story of Harald Harfaste and Hassan-i Sabbah. This triple combo of songs can illuminate the darkest corners of the winter. Perfect both at the late winters party starters as well as the club's dance floor, but also as a comfort for the hung-over afternoons endless brooding or if the week seems too long and boring. Do not miss this unique offer to be happy and feel good for the rest of your life!